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Skid-mounted Wellhead Pressure Test Pry
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Skid-mounted Wellhead Pressure Test Pry

WY-Y Series Wellhead Pressure Test Pry

- Max test pressure: 200Mpa(2000bar, 29000psi)

- Pressure control precision: +/-1%FS

- Output flow: 48LPM(12.66GPM)

* It can be increased as required by user
It is a set of special pressure test equipment specially being used in oil and gas field with limit operation time, Complex topography, high standard fire-proof and explosive-proof requirements. Compressed air supplied by diesel/hydraulic/motor compressor drives pressure booster for creating high pressure testing medium. The completed equipment consists of power unit pry and pressure testing unit.
It is available to hydrostatic test for main wellhead equipments, such as Christmas tree, blowout preventer of well logging, blowout preventer, high pressure manifold at oil & gas well sites without water and dynamic electricity.

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