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PBL bypass tool combined
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At the beginning of 2015, PBL bypass tool combined with Neotor ® cleaning fiber was utilized on well HD10-2-H3 to clean the hole while drilling out cement after a cement job. The well was successfully cleaned out to carry out the subsequence operations, and valuable experience was gained to guide future operations.

The well HD10-2-H3 is a horizontal development well in HD oilfield. During drilling out cement operation, cement cuttings, rubber plugs and metal debris were accumulated in the wellbore, which cannot be carried out by circulating with drilling fluid. This caused difficulties for tripping operation. Grand Oilfield Technology Co., Ltd provided BPL bypass tool and Neotor® cleaning fiber and successfully cleaned out the accumulated cuttings. The following tripping operations were carried out with no any issue.

This technology has been used on 4 wells during drilling cement pocket for well bore cleaning in 2015.

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