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 RTTS packer
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 RTTS packer RTTS Packer

The RTTS packer is a full-opening, hookwall packer used for testing, treating, and squeeze cementing operations. Generally, it is necessary to run the RTTS Packer with an RTTS Circulating Valve assembly, or Model 2 RTTS Circulating Valve assembly for casing sizes 8 5/8 in. and larger. It is also recommended, but optional, to include a safety joint in the string.
The packer body includes a J-slot mechanism, mechanical slips, packer elements, and hydraulic slips. Large, heavy-duty slips in the hydraulic hold down mechanism help prevent the tool from being pumped up the hole. Drag springs operate the J-slot mechanism on ≤ 3 1/2-in. (88.9-mm) packer bodies, while larger packer sizes≥ 4-in. (101.6 mm) use drag blocks. Automatic J-slot sleeves are standard equipment on all packer bodies.
1.The full-opening design of the packer mandrel bore allows large volumes of fluid to pump through the tool. Tubing-type guns and other wire line tools can be run through the packer
2.The packer can be set and relocated as many times as necessary with simple tubing manipulation.
3.Tungsten carbide slips provide greater holding ability and improved wear resistance in high-strength casing. Pressure through the tubing activates the slips in the hydraulic hold-down mechanism.

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