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 hydraulic expandable under reamer
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hydraulic expandable under reamer is designed to enlarge the wellbore in a large range of drilling operations. It enlarges the wellbore for improved ECD control, casing running and cementing clearance. The hydraulic expandable under reamer is ideal for use with rotary steerable drilling systems, providing wellbore quality unachievable with other reaming tools. Superior wellbore quality coupled with a proven history of performance makes the hydraulic expandable under reamer the preferred choice for reaming operations.

• reliable hydraulic actuation to ensure a full-gauge concentric wellbore
• dependable cutter block retraction to avoid stuck BHAs
• aggressive PDC cutter blocks for higher ROP in a wide range of formation types
• integral backreaming capability to ensure a full-diameter bore is constructed
• integrated jet nozzle and flow paths to improve clean-out while drilling

The hydraulic expandable under reamer is particularly well suited to the most challenging applications. It has achieved outstanding success in a wide range of situations including:

• rotary steerable systems (RSS)
• extended reach drilling (ERD)
• backreaming in loosely-consolidated formations
• highly abrasive formations


We can also supply all sizes of hydraulic expandable under reamers according to the requirements of our customers.

When ordering, please specify :
- Size of the hole to be enlarged.
- Desired hole size after reaming.
- Connection types.
- Options and accessories (bullnose etc.)
8"-10"Ream Range: 8 ¼" ~ 10 "
Connection:4 ½ " Reg
3 Cutter Arms
Formation: Med To Hard                SIMTH TYPE   USD110000.00
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