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 Single Trip Retrievable Hydraulic Whipstock
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is a kind of high efficient window opening tool which is consisted of whipstock, hinge adaptor, hydraulic control system, anchoring sysytem, pack off element and window milling assembly. With special structure of hydraulic system, it can be applied widely for window open in vertical well, directional well and even horizontal well. Its hydraulic anchoring system has very high safe reliability.
1. Design two rows of anchoring slips to ensure the whipstock set in the casing steadily and stably.
2. Apply 3 degrees bevel face to make a relatively small dogleg degree at the window and ensure the drilling string pass through the window exit smoothly.
3. Optimal designed window milling assembly (lead mill and dress mill) can achieve high milling speed, low milling torque and smooth window.
4. Orient with MWD or UBHO/GYRO.
5. Single trip to set, mill exit and drill rat hole.
6. Hydraulic system is fully retrievable.
We have all sizes of whipstocks as follows:
whipstock for 5-1/2" casing;
whipstock for 6-5/8" casing;
whipstock for 7" casing;
whipstock for 9-5/8" casing;
whipstock for 13-3/8" casing.
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