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 Conventional Coring Tool
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1. Heavy duty outer tube with double sealed threads.
2. Steel inner tube and aluminum alloy inner tube available.

About our conventional coring tool:
Our conventional coring tool is the perfect tool for conventional coring operations during geologic exploration. This kind of tools, characterized by perfect auxiliary tools, complete in specifications and advanced techniques, are suitable for coring in soft, medium, hard and broken formation..

Main structural features and advantages of our conventional coring tool:   
1. The outer tube is made of seamless thick-wall steel tube with double sealed threads.
2. Besides the steel inner tube, aluminum alloy inner tube can also be offered, which has light weight, high resistance to heat and corrosion, high strength and smooth inside wall which contributes to a small drag force when allowing cores to enter the inner barrel easily. These features are very helpful for improving core recovery in loose and fractured formations.
3. The lengths of each joint of inner and outer tube sections are identical. Operators can assemble a core barrel string with different lengths at will.
4. The outer tube stabilizer is finished with spiral ribs, which are hardfaced by hard tungsten carbide. The stabilizer is at last glazed and does not contain pores on the surface, which is helpful in reducing torque and improving wear resistance.
5. The axial clearance between the outer and inner core barrels is easy to be adjusted. With the special swivel assembly, the axial clearance between the outer and inner core barrel is adjusted by simply turning a handle, which means the barrel does not have to be broken down to add or remove shims thus, cutting down significantly on core barrel make up times on surface and decreasing overall costs.
6. In case the tool is stuck, the safety joint allows the inner barrel and core in it to be pulled out of the hole while leaving the outer barrel in the hole. Fishing the outer barrel out of the hole becomes easy.
7. Complete set of handling tools is provided to simplify coring procedures, saving a lot of preparation time. This will result in significant economic efficiency, especially when used in regions with high drilling cost (e.g. offshore drilling).
 1/for Coring Tools for 6 3/4'' * 4''   
 length 9.2m
out 172x136
core size 101mm
topthread 4 1/2 IF                    USD6760.00

2/for Coring Tools for 4 3/4'' * 2 5/8''
 length 9.2m
out ODxID 121x93
core size 66mm
topthread 3 1/2 IF                     USD5700.00
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