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 Hydraulic Casing Section Mill
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Hydraulic type
Six tungsten carbide blades
Good working performance and reliability
Mill 40-meter-long casing in a single run
It is a kind of high-efficiency downhole tool designed for cutting off  the casing and milling some section of casing. It is widely used in casing cutting and sidetracking operation in oil and gas wells.
The hydraulic casing section mills are consisted of an upper sub, a body, a piston, a spring, six tungsten carbide blades and a bottom stabilizer.
1. Applied hydraulic pressure acts on the internal piston and push milling blades open to cut through and mill the casing.
2. Applied six Tungsten Carbide Blades cut through and mill the casing together to increase the milling velocity and increase the service life of one set of blades.
3. Applied special cutting elements to mill the casing into iron scraps to avoid sticking of tool.
4. Casing cut-off indication apparatus to help operators judge exactly whether the casing is cut off or not. A drop in pressure created when six blades have reached a pre-set diameter advises the operator that the casing has been cut through.
5. Pilot stabilizer installed at the bottom to keep the tool working stably and increase its service life.
We have all sizes of casing seciton mills suitable for 5-1/2" casing, 6-5/8" casing, 7" casing, 9-5/8" casing, etc.
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