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 Surface epuipment
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Surface  well testing

Flowhead - Surface Test Tree

Emergency ShutDown (ESD) System

Choke Manifold

Data Header

3-Phase Test Separator

Vertical Surge Tank

Atmospheric Gauge Tank

Oil and Gas Manifold

Crude Oil Transfer Pumps

Burner Boom

Air Driven Chemical Injection Pump

Steam Heat Exchanger

Containerized Steam Generator
The Surface safety valve(SSV) is used to stop upstream flow from the Choke manifold in case of emergency.

Surface safety valves are operated by Emergency shutdown(ESD) System, the ESD system enables field operators to shut down the Upstream flow at any desired location during production testing Operation.

Working Pressure: 5000psi/10000psi/15000spi/20000psi
Working temperature range: -20 F to 250F
Service: H2S
Standard: NACE MR0175
Bore dia. 52/65/78/103mm
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