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RICH OILTOOLS  Co., Ltd., a large drilling tools, mud pump and Fluid End Expendables and mud pump spare parts manufacturer in China.
All items are manufactured to API 7K quality standards.The liner manufacture by our company which is OEM interchangeable,competitive prices, API standard and longer service life. Every liners service life of ours more than 1000 hours under normal drilling condition.  
Rich oiltools supplies four different type of liners for all popular mud pumps to suit any drilling condition, which include Premium Chromium Liners, Ceramic Liners, Chromium-plated Liners and Hardened Liners.

A).Premium Chromium Liners
Premium liners combine the strength of a forged steel outer shell with the abrasion and corrosion resistance of a high chromium iron inner sleeve. These liners feature a centrifugally cast high chrome iron sleeve which is machined and heat treated to a minimum uniform bore hardness of 62 HRC(Hardness Rockwell C). Premium liners are made for superior performance under tough corrosive and abrasive conditions.

B).Ceramic Liners
Ceramic liners combine the strength of a forged steel outer shell with the abrasion and corrosion resistance of a ceramic inner sleeve. We provide Zirconia(ZrO3) Sleeves as well as Alumina(Al2O3.) sleeves., of which Ziconia exhibits better impact strength, higher hardness and be honed to finer surface finishes than alumina.

C).Chromium-plated Liners
Chrome-plated liners made from premium forged steel with the core plated by chrome. The chrome-plated liners have hardening characteristics of 58 to 62 HRC(Hardness Rockwell C). Material is 45# forged steel, tensile strength is larger than 450MPA, elongation is larger than 17%, hardness is HRC180-200. The bore is plated by chrome, thickness is 0.15-0.18mm, hardness is HRC 58-60.

D).Hardened steel Liners 
Hardened steel liners are made with premium seamless steel tube or Premium forged steel, in which the bore is carburized and quenched, creating a hardened layer with hardness of 58 to 62 HRC(Hardness Rockwell C).


Mud pump complete unit: We can make W440 /446, PAH 275 , F 500, F 800, F 1000, F 1300, F 1600, PZ 9 triplex mud pumps.
Main parts including Bimetal Liners, Ceramic Liners, Valve & Seats, Pistons, Piston Rods & Pony Rods, Fluid End Module & Parts, some Power End Parts are available for below popular pumps:
Plunger pump: SPM2250/2500, HT400, TWS 600, TWS 1000, OFM etc
Russian Pump: UNBT 950, UNB 600,  8T650 , UNBT 1180L, NBT 600, NBT 300 etc
Drillmec pump: 9T1000, 12T1600
Upetrom pump: 3PN1000 , 3PN1300/1600
Ellis Williams pump: E 447, E 2200
Omega: OPI 1000
BOMCO/Emsco/HongHua : FB1300/1600, F1300/1600, F800/1000, F500 & some Duplex pumps
National: 7P50, 8P80, 9P100, 10P130, 12P160, 14P220, JWS 165, JWS 340/400, C 250/350, K 700, K 500, K 380
Oilwell: A 560/600 PT, A 850/1100 PT, A 1400/1700 PT, 214P, 810P
Ideco: T 500, T 800/1000, T 1300/1600
Wirth: TPK1000, TPK1600, TPK 2000/2200
Weatherford: MP-5, MP-8, MP-10, MP-13, MP-16

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