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 Multi-Cycle Circulating tool/sub
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Multi-Cycle Circulating tool/sub /Multiple Opening Circulation Sub Fluid Bypass Valve/
 PBL/MCCS/multicycle circulating sub/bypass valve

1. Multi-Cycle Circulating tools(multi-cycle ball -activated drilling valve,well commander  Circulating tools)
 The Multi-cycle circulating tools is a sub to provide cycle and cooperate by dropping the ball several times. The operating steps of this tool is to achieve “shift” of product structure by dropping ball operation. It can generate a definite open or close position when dropping.
The drop ball cannot be pumped thru the tool during the cycle open function.


The Multi-cycle circulating tools is the perfect tool for use in high angle and horizontal wells.
According to the standard, all tools have two large circulating ports which greatly reduce the risk of plugging.
The Multi-cycle circulating tools is the only tool that permits full TFA reverse circulation.
Due to the unique design of the Multi-cycle tool, the flow ports are open before the activating ball reaches the catcher seat, in order to prevent the ball into the process being crushed.
The Multi-cycle circulating tools can be opened in a fixed position when it has run into the well bore.
The Multi-cycle circulatingtools permit open and close at least six times, this number can be increased on request.

Multi-Cycle Circulating Tools Working Theory:

2.Unlimited circulating valve(NOV)

3.PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System
introduces the PBL Multiple Activation Autolock Bypass System for drilling, completion, workover and thru-tubing operations.
Originally developed to enable the aggressive pumping of LCM materials and to increase circulation rates for enhanced hole cleaning, the PBL has evolved to benefit many applications in the drilling, completion, and workover phases of a well such as:
Pumping all types of LCM pills, including aggressive pills and cement squeezes
Increasing circulation rates for improved hole cleaning resulting in reduced torque and drag, thereby increasing ROP
Increasing annular velocity in highly deviated and horizontal wellbores where removal of cutting beds and hole cleaning are problematic
Fluid displacements
Sub-sea riser/BOP jetting
Acidizing and stimulation treatments
Coring applications


4.WELL Commander


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