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 Valve assembly
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Rich Oiltools mainly produced full open style, 3 web, 4 web type valve & seats. Valve assembly is used as a kind of mud pump fluid end parts in the oil drilling field and it mainly made of high-quality alloy steel.
Common Performance:
  -Valve and seat are made of one-piece premium forged alloy steel. The rubber is polyurethane or    synthetic rubber.
  -Super throughout, high strength, and the surface hardness is up to HRC58
  -Rich Oiltools valve assembly fit all major mud pumps and accommodate for all types of drilling conditions
Full Open Valve Special Performance:
  -Deep carburized wear surface
  -Creat fluid flow
  -Maintenance and seat pulling become easier
3 web, 4 web Type Valve & Seats:
  -Suitable for worst service condition
  -Easy replacement to insert
  -Longer service life
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