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 NOV-Top Drive System (TDS-11SA)
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9  NOV-Top Drive System (TDS-11SA)  

5.2  Top Drive


The system package mainly consists of:

n  1 TDS-11SA Drilling Unit - 500 Ton Rated

n  1 Electrical package

n  1 Hydraulic package

n  1 Carriage package

n  1 PH-75 pipe handler package-NC50, H2S,350T(with two saver sub, one for 3-1/2”, one for 5”

DP )

n  1 counter balance package

n  1 Motor Housing Guard Package

n  1 S-Pipe Package –RH front,7500psi,4’’

n  1 Bail Package

n  1 Shipping Package

n  1 Lubrication Kit

n  1 PH-75 Tool Kit

n  1 Control House Assembly

n  1 Driller Console, UL, Purgeable

n  1 Purge Kit for Driller Console, Z-Purge

n  1 Service Loop Kit, 777MCM

n  1 Derrick Leg Cable Kit, 777MCM

n  1 VDC Cable

n  1 Derrick Termination Kit, Portable Installation

n  1 Grounding Rod, Electrical

n  1 Guide Beam Kit

n  1 Lower Tieback Kit

n  1 Intermediate Guide Beam Tieback Kit

n  1 Owner's Manuals(English)

TDS-11SA Drilling Unit - 500 Ton Rated

n  The drilling unit comes complete with the following equipment pre-assembled: motor housing,

onboard hydraulic power unit, roller-style carriage, bail, pipe handler (PH-75), integral swivel

with gooseneck and 7500 psi "S-Pipe" assembly, and the shipping/storage skid.

n  The unit comes equipped with a 7500 psi S-Pipe. This allows the end user to configure the

unit to the well needs by selecting either a 5000 psi or 7500 psi Wash Pipe option.

n  The TDS-11SA drilling unit features two forced air cooled 400HP AC drilling motors (800 HP

Total), a 10.5:1 double reduction helical quiet gear drive, hydraulic disc brakes, rotating head,

bail, and counterbalance with stand jump.

TDS-11SA Output Characteristics

Torque, ft-lbf  Torque, N-m RPM  Operation

55,000  74570  0  Intermittent

37,500  50842  110  Continuous

18,250  24743  228  Continuous

n  The on-board pipe handler (PH-75) is complete with 500 ton rated link adapter assembly,

remote operated dual crank upper IBOP safety valve, manual operated lower IBOP safety

valve, lower gripping jaw, link tilt assembly. The pipe handler will be dressed for tool joint size

specified by Customer.

n  The PH-75 offers mechanized break-out of lower and upper IBOP valves, heavy-duty rotating

head motor for more consistent operation, accommodation for tool joints up to 8-1/2 inch OD.




10  DQ70BSC Top Drive System

BPM Top drive

DQ70BSC Top Drive Drilling Equipment with following features:

n  The system allows drilling with triple stands and reduces make –up and break-out


n  When touching resistance and touching sticking ,it may connect the drilling pipe

immediately, rotating and circulating, and may reduce the sticking accidents.

n  Equipped with remote IBOP control system, make the well control security;

n  Under sticking, the top drive can work at the rated torque and zero rotate speed;

n  Single electric motor switching to double is simply;

n  Technical parameter set up reasonably, improving the automation level.

K.1.1 Main Technical Parameters

n  Hoisting capacity 4500 kN ( 500 ton)

n  Stack—up .Height 5.9 m (19.4 ft)

n  Motor power(continuous) 295×2 kW 400×2 hp

n  Zero speed rotation torque (continuous) 100

n  Zero speed rotation overload capacity (1 min) 150

n  Max. continuous drilling torque<110r/min 50 kN.m (36,900 1bt.ft)

n  Max. breakout torque 75 kN.m (55,300 1bt.ft)

n  Brake torque 50 kN.m (36,900 1bt.ft)

n  Rated circulating pressure 35 MPa (5000 psi)

n  Main shaft ID 75 mm (3 inch)

n  Power supply voltage 600VAC (+5%, -10%)

n  Power frequency 50Hz

n  Rated working current 445 A×2

n  Maximum peak current 775 A×2

n  RPM range 0220 r/min

n  Ambient temperature 20℃<t55

n  Altitude 1200m

n  Distance between main shaft centre and guide rail centre 930mm

K1.2 Scope of Supply

K1.2.1 Power Swivel

K1.2 Scope of Supply

K1.2.1 Power Swivel

The power swivel consists of wash pipe assembly, gearbox, AC motors, forced air cooling system, and

the brake device located on top of the motor.

The power swivel adopts two asynchrony induction motors to provide the power of drilling, with AC

frequency conversion driving.

K1.2.1-1 Main AC Motors and Air Cooling Motor

Two Reliance RPM AC motors, specially used for Top Drive, are provided by Seller.

Specifications as below:

Voltage 600VAC

Rated electric current 445A

Rated power 400hp

n  The motor is forced cooling, has CE and UL certifications, and its temperature degree is T3.

n  The main motor has heater, temperature monitoring and protecting device, and PLS

lubricating system.

n  Air cooling motor voltage is 380V  420V/50Hz or 440V  480V/60Hz, power is

5.5kW,explosion proof degree is dIIBT4.

K1.2.1-2 Brake Device

Each main motor is equipped with two sets of EATON hydraulic disc brakes, which are installed on the

extend terminal of upper motor shaft. Brake cylinder clamps the brake disc could realize brake


K1.2.1-3 Gearbox

n  A two-stage helical gear box is installed with a 10.5:1 ratio.

n  Gearbox adopts oil pump forced lubrication, and has lubrication oil circulating pressure

monitoring system.

n  Gearbox uses SKF bearing and Busak Shamban seals.

K1.2.1-4 Wash pipe Assembly

Wash pipe packing is designed and manufactured as per SL-450 rotary hose (metric). It consists of

packing, washpipe , etc.

K1.2.2 Pipe Handler Device

The pipe handler device includes backup tong, the control system of IBOP, link tilt system, and

elevator link, etc.

K1.2.2-1 Rotating Head

n  The rotating head is hydraulically driven, whose movement is independent of the main shaft.

The lower elevator link is hung on the rotating head.

n  Rotating head can realize move clockwise and anticlockwise, it also could drive the elevator

link and elevator to realize mouse hole connection and pick up stands on the monkey board.

n  Rotating head speed is adjusted by speed regulation valve, within 0-12 RPM speed range.

Danfoss cycloid motor is used.

n  The rotating head uses Busak Shamban seals.

n  The rotating head uses import bearing.

K1.2.2-2 Elevator Links Tilt System

n  The link tilt system moves in two directions through link tilt cylinder to realize pitch and pit

back. Pitch to rat hole, and the function of pit back is to make the elevator disengage with

drilling tools when drilling and close to the ground as more as possible.

n  The link tilt cylinder and the elevator link are well connected to avoid sliding.

n  Front rake is 30°, and back rake angle is 55°. Distance of swing is related to the length of

elevator link. The hydraulic system can set the middle position as floating status.

n  The oil cylinder adopts Busak Shamban sealing.

K1.2.2-3 Backup Tong

One set of Backup Tong is provided with the following specifications:

Drill pipe specification 2 7/8”~6 5/8”

Backup tong diameter 220mm

K1.2.2-4 IBOP System

IBOP system includes one set of hydraulic remote control IBOP (upper) and one set of manual IBOP

(lower), with the following specifications:

Working pressure 70MPa10000psi

Connection thread 6-5/8 API REG box × 6 5/8 API REG pin

Outside diameter 7 3/4”

Inside diameter 3"

The hydraulic system of remote control IBOP is composed of cylinder, sleeve, and crank, etc. The

lower end of the connection between cylinder and sleeve is roller contact. This kind of design could

ensure sleeve move with the oil cylinder piston rod relatively while move with the main shaft


K1.2.3 Guide Rail and Carriage

Guide rail is provided, which includes guide rail connecting parts, lifting ear, and reactive torque beam,

etc. Guide rails is convenient and quick in the course of installation and demounting at well site. Rollers

are installed on the Carriage to makeTop Drive system move up and down along the guide rails.

K1.2.4 Electric System

K1.2.4-1 Control System

K1.2.4 Electric System

K1.2.4-1 Control System

n  Electric control system of Top drive is equipped with SIEMENS SINAMICS S120 AC

frequency system, including input/output reactor, surge absorb, etc. to decline interfere of

power supply and optimal drive system. The system, including PLC, MCC (Motor Control

Center), etc., is self-diagnostic and self-safeguard, which can realize all electrical control

functions of top drive.

n  The system adopts Siemens Simatic S7 300 serial PLC (Programmable Logical Controller)

with Profibus-DP communication. Industry PC is equipped, with WinCC platform to set and

store the related parameters and check software/hardware faults. Historic information is

provided. Siemens SITOP module is adopted for control power supply.

n  Interface and related hardware are also provided for communicate with outer PC, including:

One set of notepad computer with related connecting accessories, for communicating with

VFD and PLC system to get parameters or transmit program.

n  The MCC is composed of Siemens products mainly. There is an 80kVA auxiliary transformer,

changing voltage from 600VAC to 380VAC for loads below: HPU motors (15kW+1.5kW),

main motor space heaters (500W×2), main motor cooling fans 5.5kW×2, and air

conditioning (9kW×2) in electric house, etc.

n  There is a 0~10V output interface sending speed and torque signal for well logging and

monitoring. Connectors are included.

K1.2.4-2 Driller Console

n  One set of Driller Console is included for controlling and operating the Top Drive.

n  The console is positive pressure explosion-proof type, with stainless steel shell and Siemens

electrical elements. When the inside air pressure is abnormal, the light and sound alarm will

be rose which can be reset manually. Liquid gas separator is included.

n  The functions of the console are setting torque and speed, operating elevator link, Backup

Tong, brake and IBOP, activating Emergency stop, drilling, etc. Torque and speed gauges,

related operating switches, indicator lights, connectors, etc. are included. All gauges indicate

both Metric and English.

n  There is a 420mA output interface sending speed and torque signal for well logging and

monitoring. Connectors are included.

n  Faults and alarms and be classified from the fault lights on the console.

K1.2.4-3 Electric House

n  The PLC/MCC cabinet and VFD system are located in the electric house.

n  Two industry air conditionings (York) are equipped in the control house .The indoor

temperature should be between 25 ~30 ℃ ℃. And the indoor moisture should be no more

than 80%.

n  The indoor materials are environmental harmless and fireproof. On the wall there are sockets

indoor and cable inlet and outlet interface outdoor.

n  There is one1set of low voltage power supply panel which can be powered from either

auxiliary transformer or outer power supply.

K1.2.4-4 Junction Box

Junction box is installed on the main body of Top Drive. Control cable is connected to the box. The box

provides AC power for main motor cooling fans and space heaters, DC power for magnet valve

manifold. Another function of the box is collecting sensor signals such as main motor temperature,

gearbox status (e.g. Oil temperature), etc.

K1.2.4-5 Main Power Cable

n  One set of main power cables are included for transmit output frequency variable current to

the main motors of Top Drive.

n  Amercable VFD (373MCM) cables are adopted. The cables are divided into three segments:

service loop with a cable length of 30m, vertical extension loop with a cable length of 38m,

horizontal extension loop with a cable length of 38m.

n  Connectors connecting main motors and service loop are explosion-proof, while others are

IP67 rated.

K1.2.4-6 Control Cable

One set of control cable and one fix frame are included. The control cable has only one segment. Both

ends adopt American Amphonl connectors for quick installation.

K1.2.4-7 Optical fiber and auxiliary control cable

One set of optical fiber was use to Profibus communication, with a length of 135m,made in china .the

optical fiber is provided with signal stabilization, resisting daggle.

Provided with a set of auxiliary cable, LAPP imported brands and brand SIEMENS for transmission DC

and HPU work of the signal source, according to the length of the well site layout configuration


K1.2.4-8 Power Cable

One set of Power cables included for connecting generator and electric house. The cables are

150mm2X2, 660V rated, with a length of 15m, made in China. Each phase has two cables.

K1.2.4-9 Earth Bar

The grounding devices are included which contains 2 galvanization earth bar, one cable, and other

accessories for connection. The cable is made in China.

K1.2.5 Hydraulic System

K1.2.5-1 Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

K1.2.5 Hydraulic System

K1.2.5-1 Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

n  One HPU is provided to supply the power for the hydraulic system of Top Drive.

n  HPU hydraulic pump is pressure compensating type: when system is working on a preset

pressure, the pump will give entire flow rate, and when system pressure reaches a preset

value, the pump will work on near zero flow rate, this means, pump will output only a little oil

for compensating the leakages. Pressure can be adjusted on the pump. HPU is equipped

with two import pumps. Check valves are installed on each pump’s outlet to prevent oil flow


n  An independent cooling system is provided to cool the hydraulic oil. A temperature controller

is provided to start or stop cooling fan automatically or manually.

n  HPU has oil heating system, which can heat the hydraulic oil when temperature is over low.

n  HPU is equipped with remote control system: pump can be started or stopped both by the

pump station, and by the Driller Console panel.

n  HPU uses twin engine and double pump system, with one pump for back-up.

n  HPU is explosion proof design. Electrical control box, motor, temperature sensor, and

pressure sensor are all explosion proof design.

n  HPU Specifications:

Rated working pressure 16MPa

Max. Working pressure 21MPa

Rated flow rate 40L/min

K1.2.5-2 Control Valve Manifold

n  On Top Drive main body, there is one set of hydraulic control valve manifold, of which the

main parts are from Rexroth. It consists of main control valve manifold and accumulator, etc.

n  The main control valve manifold is modular valve manifold, which includes Elevator link tilt

system, Rotary system, Brake system, IBOP system, Backup Tong system, Balance system,

Rotary lock system. All hydraulic circuits mentioned above are equipped with pressure

detecting points, which are used to check the working pressure, and also to discharge air

pressure from the hydraulic circuit and cylinder.

K1.5-3 Hydraulic Pipelines

n  Hydraulic pipelines for Top Drive are included.

n  Hydraulic system connects with Top Drive main body by three pipelines: high pressure output,

low pressure oil return, and leakage hydraulic circuit.

n  Service loop is 30m, and extended loop is 50m.

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