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 Subsurface Safety Valve
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RICH Series Subsurface Safety Valve
RICHRT series subsurface safety valve is a kind of tubing retrievable safety valve which
is controlled on the surface through hydraulic control line. It directly connects to the
tubing string as part of production workstring. After installation, it is operated by the
pressure in control line. While certain amount of hydraulic pressure is applied
through the control line to the safety valve, the valve will be open; while the
pressure is released, the safety valve will be closed and the tubing string is closed
at the same time.
1. The flapper has pressure equalizing type and non-pressure equalizing type;
2. Locking and sealing structure are designed at the upper side;
3. It is highly reliable to use metal to metal sealing style in the sealing chamber;
4. The upper and bottom thread can be customized according to customers'
Designation Model:
RICH RT- RT Series
RICHM- Metal to Metal sealing design
RICHE- Self- equalizing mechanism
RICHS- Slimline Design on Outer Diameter
2.RV-Series Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve (WRSV)
The RV-series safety valve is a wireline retrievable surface controlled subsurface
safety valve that can be used as alternative method of tubing retrievable safety
valve (TRSV) or as remedial solution when the TRSV is out of work. This safety
valve can work with safety valve landing nipple or other place which can be
communicated with hydraulic system from control line. This WRSV incorporates a
modular design to provide flexibility and adaptability to existing and new
completions. When assembled to a wireline lock, the assembly can be installed
in a safety valve landing nipple. Hydraulic control line connects the safety valve
nipple to provide hydraulic communication with WRSV The close mechanism is
the same as TRSV.
The RV- series WRSV provides customized models for adopting specific Lock
and Profile from customer’s existing or planning safety equipment.
Model Designations:
1. RV - RV-series
2. E - Incorporates self-equalizing system
3. H – High Pressure for 10,000 psi
4. D - For deep set environment
5. Q – High Pressure for up to 15,000 psi
6. S - Slimline design on curved flapperelded Blade Stabilizers is used in the BHA for drilling soft to medium hard formation holes and are available in three types namely Spiral Blade, Straight Blade and Straight Blade Offset.
All Stabilizer bodies are manufactured from modified AISI 4145H chromium molybdenum alloy steel that conform to ASTM A-370 requirements. All the mechanical and chemical properties meet the requirements of Addendum 3 of API Spec. 7-1 (latest edition). Stabilizer bodies are precision bored and drifted to API specifications.
Mild steel blades are welded onto the body using strictly controlled pre-heating, post-weld heat treatment and validated weld application techniques.
All areas that are affected by the process of welding are subject to full non-destructive examination to assure the mechanical integrity of the joint.
Standard Welded Blade Stabilizers are available in 3 or 4 blade configuration with the “Spiral” type available with Open or Tight spiral.
Control Line
Control Line is used to operate and control the subsurface safety valve. The
control line provide by ROCK complies with ASTM specifications with wide
range of metallurgies. Encapsulated control line is also available and
improves the crush and abrasion resistance with various configurations.
Control Line Material: 316SS,316LL, Monel 400, Nickel Alloy 825, Nickel
Alloy 625 and others
Encapsulation Material: High Density Polyethylene, Santoprene, PVC, Halar
and others
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