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 Drill Stem Test Tools
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APR tools (4-1/2" to13-5/8".)
multiple circulating valve (OMNI valve), test valve (LPR-N valve), retrievable packer (RTTS packer), gauge carriers and so on These tools can undertake 15,000 psi pressure and be H2S sustainable. The minimum full-bore size is 2.25" ID for 5" APR tools and 1.8" ID for 3-7/8" APR tools.
  KINGWELL downhole tools are designed to perform in demanding high-temperature and high-pressure (HTHP) applications in all climates and geographical locations. With resources like our own rubber shop and indoor test well, we offer unparalleled capabilities to develop and optimize tools to your specific requirements. bridge plugs, cement retainers, flow control downhole tools, coiled tubing downhole tools and all related accessories help our customers to achieve their success in downhole operations.
 KINGWELL downhole tools are offered in various material configurations for a variety of well conditions. The following alloys and groups of alloys are the most common materials used for the construction of packers and related equipment:
1.Standard, non-corrosive service: Low alloy steels (e.g. 4140 or Chinese 42CrMo) with mechanical properties compatible with API P 1 10 tubulars.
2.Non-corrosive service containing H2S: Low alloy steels (e.g. 4140 or Chinese 42CrMo) with mechanical properties compatible with API L80 tubulars.
3.Corrosive CO2 service with little or no H2S: Martensitic and PH stainless steels (e.g. 9Cr, 13Cr, 17-4PH) with mechanical properties that vary from 80 ksi to 110 ksi minimum yield strength. The selection of the specific corrosion resistant alloy depends on the environment (pH, chlorides, temperature, H2S, etc.) and strength requirements.
4.Severely corrosive CO2 and H2S: Nickel alloys such as 718 at strength level of 110 ksi minimum yield strength and higher.
5.For equipment required to perform a temporary function and then allowing quick removal by drilling or milling, an additional group of materials are used:
Cast iron
6.Reinforced polymer based composites
Drill stem testing tools(DST Tools)

Normal Technical requirements
Pressure:70Mpa(10000PSI) 105MPA(15000PSI)
Service: above 175°F Inner H2S,Full H2S
Connection thread: As per API or requirements
set forth in NACEMR0175-2003
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